I’m not entirely sure on how I stumbled here. Does that take away the glamour? I wholeheartedly admit to my spectatorship as God keeps putting the story of my life together. Right now, this chapter includes an adventure in imagination, surprises and watercolor.

I’ve admired watercolor since childhood. And I’ve always been creative and mildly artistic. I dabbled in other art forms over the years but a couple years ago decided to use the internet to my advantage and set out to learn to watercolor. My original goal was to get good enough to create a couple paintings to decorate my daughter’s room. I also wanted some kind of creative outlet on evenings when kiddos were in bed on time. I committed to online tutorials and not giving up. I can’t explain the next part other than saying watercolor spoke my language. There’s something that I instinctively attached to and enjoyed.

As I practiced (and I practiced a lot!) I was surprised by my own progress. I continue to paint and wonder “Why is this turning out well?” I feel just as surprised as anyone else! I cannot account for much but I can attest that God gives His Spirit to artists for His own reasons (Exodus 31) and by the mercies of Christ, He gave this gift to me. I’m still learning what it means to steward this gift and I look forward to how God uses this little person with this grace bestowed gift to share Himself and His Son with the world.